Saturday, January 15, 2011


I am a writer of books and articles, mainly about architecture and ethics, and so I enter the world of blogging with some trepidation, not knowing if my 30 years in print publishing will translate well on the web. I leave that decision to you, my readers, to make. What prompted me to start this blog was the arrival of my new book, Ethics for Architects, released in December 2010 by Princeton Architectural Press ( I realized, when I saw it in print, how much I missed writing about ethics, and so I decided to keep on doing so through this blog. The book, as you will see, contains 50 case studies of ethical dilemmas that architects and designers have told me over the years, with my analysis of how to think about and act in response to each situation. I hope, with this blog, to continue that format: describing an ethical dilemma and assessing what it means and what to do as a result. I also hope to learn from you, my readers, and so I encourage you to share your thoughts about the dilemmas described here and to suggest new dilemmas you have encountered or witnessed with others. Ethics, like architecture, is best when done in a participatory way, so do write when you can.

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